evo love

Evo Love, born Yvonne Grams in New York, is a multi-media artist who dedicates her life to making unique altar like creations. Growing up in Daytona Beach and Miami, she has always been influenced by surfing, skateboarding and street culture. Her work communicates a nostalgic innocence taking both artist and viewer on a journey back to their childhood. By methodically placing found objects, each piece informs the viewer of a narrative specific to a theme. Love leaves it up to the viewer to decipher the story. Discarded vintage items and a wide array of found objects are appropriated and converted into a complex and highly personal symbolic language investigating subjects, which range from her Latin and American Indian heritage, her interests in magic, games, strategy, love, culture and history.

Evo Love Porfolio

Description: 12" x 14" Portfolio cover

Panda's Dominoes

Description: 5" x 10" Mixed Media on Found Domino Box


Description: 12.5" x 10 x 6 Mixed Media on Found Ammo crate

New York

Description: 13" x 12 " Mixed Media on Wood

The rabbit

Description: 32" x 21" Mixed media, 1920"s Porcelain doll on Soda Crate


Description: 32" x 21" Mixed media, 1920"s Porcelain doll on Soda Crate

Mason Girl 13

Description: Mixed media in found wine crate


Description: Mixed Media on Found Oak Chair

Deer hunter

Description: Mixed Media in Found Wine Crate

Mon Petit Pois

Description: Mixed Media on Metal School desk


Selected Solo Exhibitions

Fountain Art Fair, “Ain’t my first Rodeo”, March 2012 New York City

Fountain Art Fair, “Ain’t my first Rodeo”, December 2011 Miami

Fountain Art Fair, “Lil’ Miss Fortune”, October 2011 Los Angeles

Fountain Art Fair, “Lil’ Miss Fortune”, March 2011 New York City

Fountain Art Fair, “Lil’ Miss Fortune”, December 2010 Miami

Stash Gallery, “Lil’ Miss Fortune”, Miami, June 2010

Pez Gordo Gallery, “The Art of being Original”, July 2005San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

Bikeko Gallery, “Inordinate Affection”, May 2005, Miami


Selected Group Exhibitions

Chalk Gallery, October 2011. Los Angeles

Stash Gallery, “Burning Bridges” December 2009

Art Fuel Gallery, “Cliché’Art Show”, Sept 2008, Wilmington, NC

Columbia Museum of Art. “Skate & Create”, May 208, Columbia, SC

Art Basel Street Show “Under the Bridge Art Fair”, December 2008, Miami

Art Basel Street Show “Under the Bridge Art Fair”, December 2007, Miami

Art Basel Street Show “Under the Bridge Art Fair”, December 2006, Miami

Buck 15, “In the Name of Love”, February 2006, Miami Beach

Addicts Truck & Street Show, December 2005, Miami

The African Cultural Arts Center Praise House, “The Gallery”, September 2004, Miami

Florida International University, Master”s Mystery Art Show, November 2004, Miami

The Creek Hotel, “Getting Lucky”, January 2004, Miami Beach

Glaushaus’ Studio, “Lucky Charms”, Evo Love & Vera Zoom, February 2003, Miami

Gallery 2032, Untitled”, December 2003, Miami

Cystic Fibosis Foundation, 5th Annual Fashion Art Ball, May 2003, Coral Gables

The Paza, “Evo Love & Howard Austin”, March 2002, Daytona Beach, Fl

Pop, “Installation”, March 2000, Miami Beach

Recycled Art Gallery, On Display, 1992, Miami Beach

Pop Up Gallery/Private, Guest Artist, 1990 Miami


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Education Self Taught


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